Tune in to this (free!) podcast series – a must-listen for wireless siting professionals who want to establish best practices for getting their wireless sites approved. Join attorneys Leslie Moylan and Dan Reing as they share their experiences and ideas for getting wireless site applications approved at the local level, and how best to build the record in the local process in case you have to appeal a denial in federal court. Dan and Leslie have litigated wireless siting appeals across the country and have seen how things play out in court based on what happened in the local proceeding. Tune in as they cover the various components of the wireless siting application and hearing process from their perspective – from establishing a coverage gap and presenting the search for alternatives to addressing concerns about aesthetics and property values – and everything in between.  

Episode #1: Know Before You Go: Federal Standards and Pre-Application Research 

Episode #2: Mind the Gap: Establishing Need/Gap in Coverage