Late last year, we issued a client alert concerning the Freelance Isn’t Free Act (the “Act”), an ordinance which requires all agreements with freelancers operating in New York City with a value of $800 or more to be in writing (that alert is available here). The Act also includes a provision wherein the requirement to have a written agreement is triggered if multiple contracts with the same freelancer over a 120-day period total $800 or more. This is a reminder that the Act becomes effective on May 15, 2017. 

Written agreements between businesses and New York City-based freelancers must include, at a minimum, the following:

  • The name and mailing address of both parties;
  • An itemization of services to be provided by the freelance worker, the value of the services, and the rate and method of compensation; and
  • Either a date certain upon which payment is to be made or the mechanism by which such date will be determined.

If they have not yet done so, businesses (and individuals) that use New York City-based freelancers should review their practices concerning the use of those freelancers to ensure compliance with the law.