DWT partner Andy Lorentz co-chaired the LSI Mobile Payments Law Conference in San Francisco on November 15-16 and participated in a panel entitled "U.S. Financial Services Law: When Do Technology Companies Need a Banking Lawyer?" As part of that panel, he delivered a presentation entitled "DWT's Top 10 Signs You Probably Need a Banking Lawyer." Those reasons include:

10. You hold other people’s property.
9.   You offer gift cards.
8.   You provide services to a bank.
7.   You make clever use of existing networks.
6.   You use a consumer’s credit report.
5.   You collect or share personal financial information.
4.   You offer stored value that can be widely used.
3.   You extend credit to consumers.
2.   You offer funds transfers or remittances services to consumers.
1.   You’re touching the money.

To view the full presentation, click here.