On November 27, 2012, DWT partner James Mann participated in a live webcast entitled "FACTA and the Dodd-Frank Act: What You Must Know." The webcast was organized by The Knowledge Congress. Dodd-Frank has significantly impacted the way companies do business. This is especially true in FACTA-related areas. Companies and consumers should have a complete understanding of what these latest regulations can offer as well as its potential impact on their business. The Knowledge Congress assembled a panel of experts in the field of banking and finance and key regulators from the government to speak in a two-hour webinar that discussed the key provisions of FACTA and its impact of Dodd-Frank on FACTA regulation.  James Mann's portion of the presentation focused on issues involved with the use of consumer reports under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the duties of furnishers of information in consumer reports. To view this portion of the presentation, click here.