A new scam is targeting Oregon restaurants and bars!

Oregon restaurants and bars should be aware of a new scam targeting them. The scam preys on those who may have inadvertently let their business registration status or license lapse.  The scammer sends threatening letters to these businesses and demands money in exchange for not filing complaints with the OLCC.  The scammer claims the business's failure to keep government paperwork up-to-date threatens its licensing status with the OLCC.

The scammer’s threats are largely empty. In most instances, updating your business information and corporate status with the Oregon Secretary of State and the OLCC are relatively straight forward. It is highly advisable to contact your attorney, the Oregon Secretary of State or the OLCC before responding to any such requests for money.

A business who receives this type of threatening letter is being advised by the Oregon Secretary of State to contact 1) their local police department to file a criminal complaint, 2) the OLCC at 800-452-6522, and 3) the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division at 503-986-2200, for assistance updating and renewing business registrations.

For more information, visit the Oregon Secretary of State at www.sos.state.or.us/corporation/scam_alert/inactive_business_OLCC_scam.htm.