The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is considering adopting a new satellite liquor store pilot program. The purpose of the program is to evaluate the merits of operating satellite liquor stores in smaller communities where there is a fluctuating, seasonal demand due to tourism or other factors. The pilot program will consist of up to six new satellite liquor stores operated by existing retail sales agents appointed on a temporary basis and will last up to three years for each temporary agent. Only retail agents that currently operate liquor stores will be eligible for the program. The OLCC will select the program participants within 12 months of the program’s start and will consider the following factors in their decision: (1) seasonal population fluctuations, (2) distance from existing stores, (3) proximity of satellite store to the participant’s primary store, (4) sales volume of the participant’s primary store, and (5) anticipated viability of the pilot store, including the store size and location rental terms.

The satellite stores may become permanent stores if successful. Participating stores will be required to provide the OLCC with all data related to the pilot store’s operation. Six months before the end of each store’s terms, the OLCC will evaluate the store’s performance and, if successful, initiate a process to create a permanent satellite liquor store at that location. The OLCC will consider the economic viability, increase in revenues, effects on public safety, public response to the satellite store and other factors in making the determination about each store’s future.

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