Law Seminars International - Artificial Intelligence and Privacy

Seattle | August 22-23, 2019

Two partners from DWT’s Artificial Intelligence Team will share their insights during an upcoming Law Seminars International seminar on August 22-23, in Seattle. The conference will explore the use of artificial intelligence in marketing and operations and the privacy, consumer protections, and data security implications of such uses.

Join DWT’s Becky Williams and Ambika Doran as they explore questions surrounding the application of privacy and the First Amendment to emerging AI applications and technologies.

  • On day one Becky will discuss HIPAA’ s application when AI uses health records during the Additional Privacy Regulations for Protection of Sensitive Consumer Information panel.

  • On day two Ambika will present on AI and the First Amendment, with a focus on protections for machine-created speech during the day 2 panel on Dealing with AI as a Disruptive Technology.

For more information, please find additional details here.