New York and California employers should not lose sight of the requirement to give employees anti-harassment training, especially with the end of the year fast approaching.

In New York, all employers must provide all employees (including part-time and temp workers) with training once per calendar year. The deadline to complete this training for 2021 is December 31, 2021.

In California, any employer with more than five workers must provide training to all employees every two years. That means any employee who has not been trained since 2019 must receive training by the end of 2021. For temp or seasonal workers who will be employed for less than six months, employers must provide training within the employee's first 30 days or 100 hours of work.

If you need anti-harassment training for your employees, please contact DWT for customized, in-person programs, or visit the ARROW UP website to find interactive online trainings that comply with both states' requirements.

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