A retail sales agent for a Corvalis, Oregon liquor store recently submitted a petition to amend the rules regarding external advertising for Oregon liquor stores. The proposed rule changes would allow Oregon liquor stores more flexibility in advertising their store (i) outside the store’s location, (ii) in publications and (iii) on the internet. The reasons offered for the amendment include leveling the playing field with other retailers of alcohol (beer and wine), distillers and distributors, and providing the public greater access to information. 

You can view the proposed amendment on the OLCC web site at http://oregon.gov/OLCC/.  Follow the “Laws and Rules” link, then follow the link to “Current Petitions Received”.


The OLCC amended the rules regarding advertising in Oregon liquor stores effective September 1, 2008 to allow more modern signing and display practices inside the stores. See OAR 845-015-0175 and -0177. 


The proposed rule changes would continue the trend toward allowing Oregon liquor stores to use more modern advertising practices that are commonly used by other retailers. The OLCC is accepting written comments until 5:00 pm on August 28, 2009.