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Following the approval of the FCC's new privacy rules on October 27, ISPs need to address a number of issues, including opt-ins and opt-outs as well as information security programs. To help you prepare, the DWT team has prepared a two-part webinar series.

FCC Privacy Rules, Part 1: Planning Your (Compliant) InfoSec Program

Date: November 29 Time: 1-2 PM Eastern

The FCC expects that ISPs will implement information security programs that are “appropriately calibrated” to their businesses, yet it does not provide a checklist of activities that would meet its new requirements. In the second part of our series, we’ll give you the tools to understand what “reasonable” security looks like and guide you through the steps you can take to create and maintain a comprehensive security program.

FCC Privacy Rules, Part 2: Opt-ins and Opt-outs—The New Regime

Date: December 6 Time: 1-2 PM Eastern In part two of our webinar series, we'll explore the following issues:

  • Implementation deadlines;
  • The requirements to obtain customer consent for certain uses of information, including marketing and advertising; and
  • Whether existing opt-in/opt-out programs could satisfy obligations under the new rules.