Amy Mushahwar, a partner in DWT's Privacy + Security and AI practice areas, will speak as a panelist at the upcoming Summit on Artificial Intelligence & Automation in a Democratic Society. The event is being hosted by the Center on Civil Justice at NYU School of Law and The Future Society from November 30-December 1, 2018 and will examine if and how our democratic institutions -- laws, regulations, and bottom-up governance standards -- are ready for the increasing role of technology in business, law, and our daily lives.

Amy will be a panelist on “The Legal Perspective,” which will examine how AI is impacting the practice of law. From new technologies available to lawyers to new technologies available to clients, AI and automation is changing the day-to-day life of lawyers and the issues they work on. How will the legal community -- often slow to change -- cope with these advances?

Other speakers at the summit will include a cohort of the country’s top lawyers, judges, academics, and corporate leaders to engage in an important conversation that focuses on less-discussed but nonetheless critical issues surrounding the rise of AI. Microsoft, Oracle, Terrell McSweeny (former FTC Commissioner), and Rob Silvers (former Asst. Secretary for Cybersecurity) have confirmed so far, with many more to come. For more information on the Summit, please click here.

For more on DWT’s work with AI, please visit our Artificial Intelligence Law Advisor.