County election officials were on the cusp of being able to kick voters off the rolls immediately without notice had the 7th Circuit not blocked this Indiana law. On behalf of Common Cause Indiana and other plaintiffs, a DWT team led by Matt Jedreski—together with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), ACLU of Indiana, and the progressive public- policy group Demos—challenged the law, which allows purging of voters based on a match in the Crosscheck program, known to frequently flag people incorrectly as potential double voters. The DWT team, which also included Grace Thompson, Kate Kennedy, and Erika Buck, has since conducted additional depositions of county officials, issued public-records-act requests, and collected and reviewed more than 30,000 documents from state contractors. Faced with the prospect of losing summary judgment or trial, the state of Indiana agreed to stay the lawsuit to allow its legislature time to fix the offending law.