Amid daily reports of serious cybersecurity threats—from ransomware to malicious insiders to state-sponsored hacking—clients have been asking us how they should approach their cyber incident response planning:

  • Do they need a better incident response plan (IRP)?
  • How should they engage cybersecurity experts in light of recent court decisions on attorney client privilege and work product?
  • Are they prepared to respond to post-breach investigations?
  • What happens if their systems are encrypted and they can't do business?
  • What are the risks of paying a ransom?

To help our clients address these and other common questions about cyber incident preparedness, DWT's information security and data breach response group has launched two fixed-fee services geared towards small and medium-sized businesses: the Incident Response (IR) Readiness Workshop and the Ransomware Readiness Workshop.

IR Readiness Workshop

Our IR Readiness Workshop helps clients take their IRPs and response procedures to the next level. For a fixed-fee of $17,000, our attorneys will:

  • Review your IRP and core response procedures and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Facilitate a live tabletop exercise to test your response procedures and educate your leaders and stakeholders
  • Provide guidance on engaging cybersecurity experts and other vendors to best preserve attorney-client privilege and work product

Clients that purchase the IR Readiness Workshop will also receive an allotment of 40 discounted hours of IR services in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

Ransomware Readiness Workshop

Our Ransomware Readiness Workshop helps tackle some of the key issues our clients have faced before and after a ransomware attack. It is designed to be an enhancement to the IR Readiness Workshop but can be performed on its own. For a fixed-fee of $10,000, our attorneys will:

  • Perform a high-level review of your relevant security controls to identify any controls that should be added or enhanced based on regulatory guidance and recent enforcement actions
  • Work closely with your stakeholders to develop a risk-based, prioritized plan for recovering from a significant ransomware attack, tailored to your legal and contractual obligations, business needs, and other factors
  • Customize DWT's Ransomware Response Guide to serve as a playbook in the event of a ransomware attack

Please note that various terms and conditions apply to both workshops.

For More Information

If you'd like to learn more about our two IR workshops or would like to discuss our services generally, please contact Mike Borgia, or another member of our information security and data breach response team.