The recording of our September 7, 2023 webinar titled "Managing Third-Party Cyber Risks" is now available on DWT's website. You can view the recording here. We were pleased to jointly host this webinar with our co-panelists from Kroll: Devon Ackerman, Global Head of Incident Response, Cyber Risk, and Louis Muniz, Vice President, Cyber Risk.

The panelists discussed common challenges for managing third-party cyber risks and the shortcomings of frequently used risk management methods. They provided strategies for managing third-party cyber risks in a prioritized, consistent, and business-friendly manner. Topics of discussion included:

  • Legal requirements and guidance for managing third-party cyber risks 
  • Effective ways to identify and prioritize third-party cyber risks 
  • The core elements of an effective third-party risk management program 
  • The differences between vendor and supply chain risks and strategies for addressing each 
  • Documenting a third-party risk management program and making it iterative

This was the third installment in DWT's Security in Practice webinar series—a series we launched to provide practical guidance for tackling common legal and strategic issues in information security and incident preparedness. Topics of future Security in Practice webinars will include developing effective incident response plans and engaging the board of directors on cybersecurity oversight.