Our team is pleased to announce an important publication on fintech innovation and regulation in the United States. Edited by Andrew Lorentz and Thomas Kost—and drawing on contributions from many of their DWT colleagues—the publication provides an overview of the major regulatory frameworks that apply to fintech entities operating in the United States and describes recent efforts by state and federal regulators to keep pace with accelerating innovations in financial services, largely driven by those fintech entities.

In the United States, fintech entities and their offerings are subject to a broad constellation of substantive laws and financial services regulatory agencies at both the state and federal levels. By providing a clear guide to the regulatory landscape for fintech —including the key agencies, applicable product and licensing restrictions, data and privacy regimes, and state and federal unfair practices law—our publication is a valuable resource for non-U.S. fintech entities interested in entering the U.S. market, emerging U.S. fintech entities evaluating their deployment options, and established financial institutions that need a compass to help them navigate the evolving fintech ecosystem.

You can view the U.S. chapter as a PDF here.

The publication forms the U.S. chapter of the recently published Global Legal Insights - FinTech 2022, 4th Ed. and draws on the expertise of numerous members of DWT's integrated, cross-functional fintech team of financial services, technology, privacy, enforcement, litigation, and corporate lawyers. Comprising seasoned lawyers who represent traditional financial institutions and fintech firms, as well as attorneys who formerly worked as regulators, DWT's fintech team is uniquely positioned to help our clients identify and navigate the competitive, regulatory, technological, and enforcement trends affecting financial services innovation and disruption in the United States.

The editors would like to thank the following individuals for their invaluable contributions to this chapter: Amit Aulakh, Alexandra Steinberg Barrage, Matthew Bornfreund, Jonathan Engel, Bradford Hardin, Brian Hurh, Jin Kim, Kevin Petrasic, Bill Schuerman, Jordan Thompson, Dsu-Wei Yuen, and Rich Zukowsky.

About the publication

GLI – FinTech 2022 is a U.K.-based online guide to key fintech developments across the globe. Each chapter covers approaches and developments, fintech offerings, related technology, regulatory bodies, key regulations and restrictions, and cross-border business considerations for 26 jurisdictions. The guide is free to read online and for registered users to download in PDF format from www.globallegalinsights.com.